Romance in Films

I love a good romantic comedy, or better yet, a romantic tear-jerker. Some of my favorites are An Affair to Remember, When Harry Met Sally, and my all time favorite…drumroll…The Notebook.

The first time I saw The Notebook, based on a book by Nicolas Sparks, I made it almost all the way to the end before using up a box of Kleenex. I think it was the twist at the end that I admit I did not see coming.

At a recent Facebook Party for the St. Helena Vineyard Kindle World launch I hosted a half hour segment and asked readers what their favorite romantic movies were. I was amazed at the variety, but I think I’d seen most of them. The only one I would not classify as a romance was Gone With The Wind, one of my favorite films, but for me it did not have a satisfying ending. I wanted Rhett to give a damn. I wanted Scarlet to go after Rhett.

The essence of a romance, be it book or film, is a happily ever after. My books all have happy endings or the promise of a happy ending. My novella (something new for me) happens too quickly for the ending to be secure, so I have my hero and heroine in lust with the promise of love to come.

Other romantic films I’ve enjoyed were The Proposal, Love Actually, Sleepless in Seattle, Pretty Woman, Pride and Prejudice, You’ve Got Mail, and Bridget Jones’ Diary.

Romeo and Juliet should be on this list, but again, for me it did not have a happy ending. I know, it’s a classic.

What are some of the films you’ve enjoyed?

I can’t end this post without a plug for Autumn in the Vineyard, a Hallmark film to be aired on the Hallmark Channel Oct. 8th at 9 Eastern Time. I’ll be watching on the west coast and it will be three hours earlier. This is based on Marina Adair’s best-selling novel and has inspired her Kindle World. Hallmark is the channel that runs the most love-inspired films and I believe they run them most of the day. Many, if not all, of the films are their own productions.

So tune in and let me know what you think of it. Rachael Leigh Cook stars as Frankie, a rebellious winemaker with a chip on her shoulder and a hankering for a guy who is supposed to be her enemy. I think you’ll especially like Mittens, their mischievous alpaca.

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