Living Quietly in Sin City

Despite the provocative slogans and the recent tragedy, it is possible to live quietly in a place where you can gamble in a grocery store. Oddly, I’ve never seen anyone in that little room full of slot machines tucked next to the produce except for a security guard who probably checks IDs. Las Vegas has … Read more

A Screech, A Wail, and a Goosebump

In my last blog, I told you why Halloween is my least favorite holiday. But every holiday has some redeeming quality so now I’ll tell you what I like about it. Let’s start with ghost stories. Eons ago I was a member of the San Juan Capistrano Historical Society’s walking tour guides. For those of … Read more

Halloween: Not My Favorite Holiday

My kids loved Halloween. I hated it. Nights were usually cold, sometimes rainy. The kids wanted to start early and finish late. Instead of a cute plastic pumpkin for their candy, they took pillowcases—more room for their haul. Candy—in many shapes and forms—were strewn on the floor afterward while they picked out the “good stuff.” … Read more

The Numbing Factor of Tragedies

I didn’t write a blog last week. I’m currently living in Las Vegas and last Monday was a day full of distractions, a day most of us won’t forget. I boarded a plane at 8:15 in the morning, heading to San Francisco and then on to Sonoma. “It’s going to be a full flight,” said … Read more