Missing a Pet

I can never remember a time without a pet. At one time we had eight cats—not legal in Sonoma, CA unless you live out on a ranch or vineyard property. Fortunately, we lived on five acres with a portion planted in zinfandel grapes. Yup, we made wine. Not great wine. Drinkable-now wine. With food. Lots … Read more

So Many Books, So Little Time

Like many of you, I belong to Goodreads and it tells me how many books I’ve read this year. Thirty-eight so far. Really? When did I have time? My Kindle is overloaded. My i-Pad and phone have the Kindle App as well. If a battery dies on one device, I can pick up where I … Read more

Jumping into New Genre

When we think about how quickly changes occur in the field of medicine in today’s world, it’s hard to believe so little was known in the early 19th century. Great strides came a half a decade later, but before that the practice of medicine was a matter of experience. If the patient didn’t die, the … Read more

Favorite T-shirt Sayings

It’s July and catalogues will soon flood our mailboxes in anticipation of the Christmas season. Confession: I like to look at them. My favorites are the T-shirts with messages. I have one for writers that says, “Even if it’s crap, put it on the page.” Good advice for those of us who write with only … Read more