An “Aha” Moment

My memory isn’t the greatest. Ask me what I had for lunch yesterday and I’ll probably wrinkle my forehead, twitch my nose, and then proclaim in a loud voice, “Leftovers!” But I’ve recently discovered a trait I didn’t know I had. My body remembers things my mind has forgotten. We just finished a five day … Read more


Cartoons are starting to spring up about people and their smartphones. I love the one showing adults with phones in one hand and leashes (for seeing eye dogs) in the other, or the one showing a caregiver guiding the texter (who has his eyes on the phone) across a busy street. I particularly like the … Read more

I’m Finally Speechless

I am rarely at a loss for words, but I was yesterday…hence, no blog. Me: I must be dead. Mark: No, you’re still breathing. Me: Brain dead. Mark: (No response…he’s engrossed in whatever he’s reading on his Kindle). Me: Words are my business. Why can’t I come up with a topic? (I am speaking to … Read more

Cat-less in Sonoma

  I’ve always had a cat. It isn’t that I don’t love dogs, because I do. But cats always seemed easier for someone with a busy life. You don’t have to walk them. You can put food out and they’ll nibble, not gulp. They’re rarely underfoot. We mostly live on a boat, but now we … Read more