In Search of a Hero

Defining the qualities of a hero has been plaguing me lately. In my first two books they were strong, successful business types who controlled their worlds, but had vulnerabilities. Jake in A Kiss of Cabernet was driven by a need to get his affairs in order because he thought he was dying. Chris in A … Read more

Letting Go

I feel the need to pay tribute to my sister whose ashes were scattered in a lovely cove amid daisies and flower petals on Saturday. We’ve all lost someone who was important to us. My beautiful younger sister, Deborah Ereth, was that person in my life. All siblings fight, and yet I cannot remember a … Read more

Things that go bump in the night

The program was a “paranormal” panel. I attended because I knew three of the women who were presenting. They were bright, talented fiction writers. One wrote historicals and the other two wrote sweet romances for teens. The fourth panelist was a scientist, a woman with a PhD in biochemistry. So what did they know about … Read more

Brain Dead and Other Ailments

Anyone who’s ever had to write a report, story, poem, speech—you name it—can remember a time when the words would not come. The blank paper stares back like a face in a mirror. You know it’s not going to go away unless you drop dead. The answer, I’m told, is to write down why you … Read more