The Plot Thickens

I love a good plot, one with twists and turns and heart-pounding suspense. I love it when a book keeps drawing me back, enticing me to give up my cherished sleep to read into the night. I consider it a bonus when a book has all these elements and is also an historical. Alas, these … Read more

Creepy Crawlies I’ve Known and Not Loved

First off is scorpions. We now live in the desert and those little devils are around. Last spring two dared to creep along the wall, near the ceiling. Capt. Mark stood on a stepladder and dispatched them. He’s still fearsome with a shoe, even in his incapacitated state. He found one on his shirt last … Read more

Cats, Dogs, and Other Critters

All of my Love in Wine Country books have quotes at the beginning of the chapters. Usually, they have something to do with what’s going on in the chapter although some of them are part of a book’s over-all theme. Chapter One in my upcoming release, A Pinot for Your Thoughts, has this quote from … Read more

Not a Resolution in Sight

No resolutions this year. Instead, I looked back at the old year to see what I learned. 1. It’s not all about me. This was the year of challenges for other members of my family and I needed to focus all my attention on them. Their progress was my reward. 2. I can lift heavier … Read more