A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

  All writers are introverts. They must be to hide themselves away for days in dark rooms, staring at little computer screens while words hop from one line to the next. It’s an old cliché and it isn’t relevant anymore. Today writers have to market themselves, meaning they have to spend time on Facebook, Twitter, … Read more

Excuse me, but where’s the restroom?

Years ago I wrote local histories for publishers like Windsor, Donning, American Historical Press, and Arcadia. The nice people in their publicity departments arranged for me to appear at book signings at places like County fairs, Costco, Barnes and Noble, and other bookshops that are no longer around. Because these publications generally were large format … Read more

Understanding Emotions

When I write I have to recognize and find ways to make others feel a myriad of emotions. I want my readers to become the characters, to experience everything the character experiences, even when it’s fear or frustration. Or grief. Grief was uppermost in my mind this week as we celebrated the life of one … Read more

Weighing in on the Upcoming Year

Once a year Capt. Mark and I go off to some nice place away from home, boat, and friends to plot out the entire year…just like a novel. We are the hero and heroine who must overcome the obstacles…ideas that are too big and cash flow that’s too small. But we slog on, relentlessly tackling … Read more