Nicks and Scratches

Sea Bear is back on the California Coast. It arrived last week on the back of a truck, looking tired and worn, a bit like me after my cross-country trip. I walked around the hull yesterday, something you can do when it’s out of the water “on the hard.” Lots of nicks and scratches are … Read more

Food for Thought

I love food and I’ve fought being overweight my entire life. I was the only girl in my first grade class who went behind the cafeteria counter to get lunch in the back, where a special plate was prepared according to my doctor’s dietary instructions. It was embarrassing. I was bullied (they called it teasing … Read more

Living in Isolation

After eight months living aboard, I’ve come to think of Sea Bear as home. It’s where I sleep, where my favorite pots and pans nest in a big cupboard, and where my favorite books are shelved. It’s small and cozy, a place where the realities of the real world are generally tucked away. Boat living … Read more

On the Road Again

We left Birmingham on a drizzly day, taking a direct route to Memphis, Tenn. where we’d turn left onto Interstate 40 and head west for several days. This is my eighth cross country trip. I was six years old for the first one. What I remember most was the large green Sinclair gas station dinosaurs, … Read more

Crossing Our Wake

We crossed our wake back into Dog River on the Western edge of Mobile Bay on a warm, sunny afternoon, just one day ahead of a big storm.   We pulled out the Gold America’s Great Loop Cruiser’s Association burgee and tied it to our bow while our neighbors—some just beginning the journey—congratulated us on our … Read more