Confessions of a Halloween House Hunter

Most people stock up on candy, carve pumpkins, and put up a few fake spider webs as Halloween approaches. Not me. I’m out house hunting with a spouse whose main priority (I just discovered) is far different from mine. My list is pretty normal: open kitchen, lots of cupboard space, separate shower and soaking tub, … Read more

Black Cat-atonic in Southern California

It’s black cat season. I’ve owned lots of black cats (or they’ve owned me), but one of my favorites was a community cat, a guy whose name was Biff. Many years ago I worked for a small town in Southern California. I was assigned to the Public Works Department, aka “the swamp.” Why, you say, … Read more

Patience, Where Art Thou?

The older I get, the less patient I am. Tiny inconveniences drive me up the wall. My life is good, I have no complaints, so where did my patience go? Frustration number one: slow internet. I have wifi. It’s usually good. I’m spoiled. When it’s not good, or nonexistent, my body tightens and I feel … Read more