Fair Weather Sailor

People always say you need a shakedown cruise before you take your boat on a long journey. They’re absolutely right. Our shakedown cruises were in and around San Francisco Bay in all types of weather. I learned a couple of things: first, our Nordic Tug 32 seems a lot sturdier than our Grand Banks 36 … Read more

How it All Began

Once upon a time I married a man with a dream. He wanted us to quit our jobs, sell our house, buy a boat and sail the Caribbean. I was young, in love, and terribly naive. I agreed to go. My practical side said, “What about the kids?” My romantic side said, “No problem. I’ll … Read more

Why do I go?

I met a woman once in a public bathroom in a marina in Georgia. She’d been crying and I asked her if she was okay. She said yes, she was just scared. Her tears were an emotional release because she and her boyfriend were sailing up the East Coast, and they had finally arrived in … Read more

On the Move Again

This is my first post for my new blog. It’s about living on a boat, moving from place to place, while trying to stay on top of a writing career. I’ll be sharing adventures, feelings, and day to day events that happen when your home is a 32-foot Nordic Tug called Sea Bear. I’ll try … Read more