Sweet Vengeance
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Fall in love with Sean Mitchell, the hero of Sweet Vengeance. The book release date is October 25 and  is available for presale. This is the third book in the Mission Belles series and the year is now 1848, the war between Mexico and the U.S. has all but ended, and the gold rush is underway, altering California forever. Here is the synopsis:

Responding to her dying mother’s urgent plea, Elena Santoro sets out for Northern California to kill her brother’s murderer. She has  the skill and training, but does she have the nerve to kill a man she once admired?

Sean Mitchell, former spy and now successful horse trainer, is baffled by his sister’s disappearance. When the seductive and dangerous Elena Santoro turns up and offers to help him, he’s cautious. Can he trust a woman whose brother was once his enemy?

As the chaos brought on by the gold rush unfolds in San Francisco, Elena and Sean fight to elude an enemy who is frantic to find Sean’s sister before they do. But the greater danger lies in their growing affection for each other, an affection tempered by the ghost that will always be between them.

Here’s the buy link. I hope you enjoy this enemies-to-lovers story.

The Grand Mistletoe Assembly
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Do you have your copy of The Grand Mistletoe Assembly? This holiday anthology, with all six stories tied to the grand charity ball of the season, is still available for $1.99. With hearts identifying the heat level of each one, you will surely find a story you will love. Here’s the link that gets you to all the places it is sold. Now also available in print.