The Grand Mistletoe Assembly
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Anthology and a Giveaway

It’s rare that one my books is put up for presale, and when it is, the time lapse from presale to published is generally a few weeks.

I’m doing something different this time—earlier, bolder, and splashier with lots of giveaways, its own Facebook page and Goodreads group. The best news? The buildup will be going on for almost a year.

The book is The Grand Mistletoe Assembly and it is an anthology with five other wonderful Regency authors. Its release date is November 2023, just before Christmas. The presale price is 99 cents whether you’re reading it on a Kindle, a Nook, or an Apple device.

The current giveaway is for a bevy of popular holiday books the authors are pooling funds to purchase and every person who enters will also get six free books, one from each author. You can use this link to enter the giveaway. (When that one ends, there will be others.)

I hope you will order it. Give yourself a surprise in November when it appears on your e-reader. The six novelettes will all be intertwined as characters attend a charitable event at a magnificent mansion on St. James Street in London. The snow is gently falling and it will be a magical night for one and all.


Scandal's Prequel by Pamela Gibson
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Free Book with Sign-up

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I’ve written a prequel to the Scandal series and to make it easy to remember, it is called Scandal’s Prequel. Easy, right? This tells the story of how Miranda and Jeremy—the hero and heroine of the first full book in the series—first got together. It begins in 1806 when they are both lonely and need a friend. Of course that friendship develops into a steamy secret love affair with a bizarre turn of events at the end.

Miranda gets her “happy for now” and they both get their “happily ever after” in Scandal’s Child, the first book in the series.

It’s easy to subscribe to my quarterly newsletter and the prequel will tell you if the entire series is something you might like to read. You can also purchase the book on Amazon or read it in Kindle Unlimited if you are a subscriber.

Here’s the blurb (and buy link for those who prefer to purchase):

Miranda Carlyle and Jeremy Montague have loved each other since childhood. But Jeremy, eldest son of the Earl of Longley, must marry an heiress and Miranda is the daughter of an impoverished vicar. Worse, her reputation is tainted by her scandalous mother who ran off years ago, abandoning both husband and child.

Driven by loneliness, they meet in secret, sharing their joys and their disappointments. While vowing to keep their encounters platonic, their attraction grows and a deeper relationship is formed until one magical night passion flares and their trysts change to steamy encounters full of love and lust.

Jeremy promises marriage and leaves for London to confront his father. He’s of age. He’ll marry whomever he chooses.

But when weeks pass and Jeremy doesn’t return, Miranda becomes wary. And when she’s lured to their trysting place through a ruse by a virtual stranger, she is paralyzed with fear, because Miranda is hiding an important secret and without Jeremy, her life is going to change forever.