Scandal's Deception by Pamela Gibson
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Things are starting to feel normal, but for those of us who live in Nevada’s high desert, normal means we become modern-day cave dwellers as soon as the temperature reaches 100 degrees (F).

Indoor months are the ones with lots of writing time, lots of reading time, and maybe even time to binge a couple of television series you’ve been putting off. Those with day jobs go to air-conditioned buildings or, if you have an outdoor job, you start really early in the morning.

I’m a writer and I prefer writing from home with my faithful companion, Ralph the Cat, looking over my shoulder. That said, I am pleased to introduce you to Scandal’s Deception, my fourth Regency. Characters from my other books wander in and out of my Regency world and while each is a stand-alone, readers often feel right at home with a new book if they’ve read one or more of the others. Here’s the description:

Jane Stafford, raised in America, is shocked to learn she is a wealthy heiress, her late father was an earl, and her English mother is alive. Anxious to meet the woman she long-thought dead, she travels to London, only to be whisked away by her sinfully handsome guardian to a remote estate to be “schooled” in the ways of the ton.

Gilbert Carmichael, Lord Ralston, chafes at having to make a rebellious young heiress acceptable to society, especially one who is impetuous and blatantly democratic. Because the instruction she needs is more than deportment and dancing. It’s also about how to spot a rake who might woo her for her fortune.

When Ralston learns his ward is to be used as a pawn in an elaborate scheme involving a secret impersonation, he will move heaven and earth to keep her safe. Because proximity has brought the uncomfortable knowledge that his interest may be more than duty—it just might be love.

This book releases July 21. Hope you like it. Buy it here.


Here’s What Reviewers are Saying…

Scandal’s Child

“This is the first book i have read from this author and I will say that it is not to be missed!!! While this seems to be her first historical romance, I am glad to say it won’t be her last. I eagerly await the next book!!!” (Amazon Reader)

“Pamela Gibson has written a heartwarming tale about love, loss and compassion, and this enduring tale of lost love will tug at the reader’s heartstrings.” Read full review in the 2017 December issue of InD’tale Magazine.

Plumb Crazy About You

“The writing was fun and spicy and sweet all at once. I can’t believe how disappointed and yet happy I was when it ended. Disappointed because I wanted the story to go on longer, and happy because I absolutely loved the Happily Ever After!” (Marie’s Tempting Reads)

Shadow of the Fox

“Being a California native, I was very excited to read the ARC for this book. I know the state’s history fairly well, and this story was spot on. The California rancho time period is so rich, and Ms. Gibson paid it great honor. I loved her descriptions of the ranchos, the people, food, language, and clothing. She devoted meticulous care to them all.” (Cerebral_1)

A Kiss of Cabernet 

A Kiss of Cabernet is a deliciously written story in a beautifully captured setting. I liked the historical aspect to the book and the realism of the characters. I was entranced all the way to the end. A great read!” (Liz Wells)