Scandal's Redemption by Pamela Gibson
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Writing a series is a bittersweet experience. You know it has to end, but you don’t want to let go of the characters that fill the world you’ve created.

Scandal’s Redemption is the last full novel in the Scandal series. It is the story of a woman full of regrets, who thought she knew what she wanted only to discover it wasn’t what she wanted at all, and a man who desperately needs to trust again while fighting a mysterious adversary.

The characters in all five books are intertwined and because of that there will be a prequel to this series, a novella that will be free to my newsletter subscribers, and right now I’m contemplating a holiday novella that will answer a question posed in the first book, the disappearance of a character who is related to several of my main and peripheral characters in all the books.

But those are in the future. Here’s the description of the latest book, out May 18:

Lady Jocelyn Stafford desperately needs a husband to repair her tarnished reputation. Her obvious choice is her neighbor James, a man who once fancied her. If only she hadn’t cruelly rejected his attentions when she found herself wooed by a scandalous rake with a better title.

James Margrave, Earl of Seaton, must have an heir to keep his estate from falling into the hands of his cousin, which means he has to marry. Lady Jocelyn, who still beguiles him, would be perfect if only he could forget old slights. Instead, James asks Jocelyn to help him find a suitable wife, a task she agrees to perform, hoping to redeem herself in his eyes.

When a series of attacks put James’s life in danger, an immediate marriage becomes critical. Jocelyn is willing and available. But can he trust a woman who once broke his heart and is it fair to wed her when she might become the next victim?

A new series, Heirs and Your Graces, will begin next year and a new addition to the Mission Belles series is underway. Thank you for your ratings and your reviews.


Here’s What Reviewers are Saying…

Scandal’s Deception

Scandal’s Deception is more than a romance novel. The historic descriptions are brilliantly researched and clearly envisioned. I love the emotional bond between the sisters as well as the lustful teasing relationship between Jane and Ralston. I was delighted with the story and with the writing. The ‘Scandal’ series is a great escape!” (Liz Wells)

Scandal’s Child

“This is the first book i have read from this author and I will say that it is not to be missed!!! While this seems to be her first historical romance, I am glad to say it won’t be her last. I eagerly await the next book!!!” (Amazon Reader)

“Pamela Gibson has written a heartwarming tale about love, loss and compassion, and this enduring tale of lost love will tug at the reader’s heartstrings.” Read full review in the 2017 December issue of InD’tale Magazine.

Blood Will Tell

“This book pulled me in from the first scene and didn’t let me go. I haven’t read a good romantic suspense in a while so this was a treat.” (Jessica C.)

It’s a Zin to Tell a Lie

“In these times of chaos and confusion, a book such as this one is the perfect antidote. A story to curl up with and characters that you will come to love (at least most of them!). Pamela’s writing flows at just the right pace and you look forward to each new chapter.” (J. Stubbs)

Plumb Crazy About You

“The writing was fun and spicy and sweet all at once. I can’t believe how disappointed and yet happy I was when it ended. Disappointed because I wanted the story to go on longer, and happy because I absolutely loved the Happily Ever After!” (Marie’s Tempting Reads)

Return of the Fox

“The plot twists were original and fresh, and the ending was satisfying, yet left the door open for the next installment of the series. After reading the first two Mission Belles, I can hardly wait for the next one.” (Cerebral 1)

Shadow of the Fox

“Being a California native, I was very excited to read the ARC for this book. I know the state’s history fairly well, and this story was spot on. The California rancho time period is so rich, and Ms. Gibson paid it great honor. I loved her descriptions of the ranchos, the people, food, language, and clothing. She devoted meticulous care to them all.” (Cerebral_1)

A Kiss of Cabernet 

A Kiss of Cabernet is a deliciously written story in a beautifully captured setting. I liked the historical aspect to the book and the realism of the characters. I was entranced all the way to the end. A great read!” (Liz Wells)