Minor Irritations in Grocery Stores

Does grocery shopping irritate you? Maybe I’m the only one. Years ago my spouse (Captain Mark the engineer) decided I needed an aisle-by-aisle grocery list for our local market. Enter the door, turn left toward Produce, then go down each aisle moving clockwise through the store until aisles end at Deli. Then back along the … Read more

Things that Reveal Us

Bookshelves are supposed to be personal, revealing, windows on the book collector’s personality and tastes. Anyone who looks at my bookshelves will immediately think I’m schizophrenic. Who has Stephen King next to Dorothea Benton Frank? Who has Clive Cussler next to William Shakespeare? Who has Nora Roberts next to Beverly Jenkins or Boris Pasternak next … Read more

Things You Don’t Need…

My life is contained in small spaces. My living space on land is 400 square feet. My living space on water is 250 square feet. A former linen closet is my office. Somehow it all works. And yet I am not a minimalist. I have a theory about clutter. It starts small, multiplies in the … Read more

Back to My Roots

I love history. I majored in it in college. When I graduated I became a newspaper reporter. There were no job listings for “historians.” Writing about current events seemed like the next best thing. One of my professors had urged me to write local history. He knew I was a sixth generation Californian and said … Read more

To Fix or Not to Fix…A Car Tale

Finally, we were on vacation. The Romance Writers of America annual convention in San Diego was over (that was work because I dutifully attended as many craft sessions as I could squeeze in). We’d visited good friends for two days. And we were on our way to my son’s house to spend ten days dog-sitting … Read more