Forcing a Pantser to be a Plotter

This is a cruising blog on a writer’s web page. As I haven’t left the dock in a week because of engine trouble, I’m going to talk about writing for a change. I’m a pantser. That’s a term that means I sit down with an idea in mind and I start writing. When I’m through—about … Read more

Holing Up

I’m not sure how the term “holing up” came into use. My guess is it originated as a boating term for those who had to find hurricane holes—safe refuges—to wait out violent storms. Capt. Mark thinks it might refer to foxholes. We’re “holing up” this week, but it isn’t because of weather or artillery. Our … Read more

Finally on Vacation

I’ve looked forward to the Georgian Bay. A place of thirty thousand islands carved from pink rock and covered with trees, it and the North Channel are the northernmost destinations of our trip. We plan to anchor out a lot. Does that mean we’re finally on vacation? Traveling over three thousand miles in a small … Read more