Resisting Sow Bug Syndrome

I can’t think of anything more self-defeating than feeling sorry for oneself. And yet we all have days when we want to curl into a little ball and let the world pass by. I call this Sow Bug Syndrome. Sow Bugs are tiny gray creatures. When threatened, they curl into a tight little ball the … Read more

And The Beat Goes On

I recently had a minor outpatient surgical procedure which I won’t go into (okay‚Ķit was a colonoscopy and we ALL should get one every seven years). Enough said. While half-naked on the gurney, waiting for the anesthesiologist to arrive, two nurses propped me with pillows, and chattered away. One asked me what I did for … Read more

Lend Me Your Ears

Ever been awakened in the middle of the night by a sound you can’t identify? You lie still, wanting to hear it again, wondering if it was your imagination, hoping it isn’t anything you don’t want to encounter. Years ago, while serving as the interim city manager of San Juan Capistrano, I was allowed to … Read more