Harnessing Distractions

We all have them. From momentary interruptions to full-on changes of focus. Distractions are time killers and stress producers. But what can we do about them? Writers, especially those who have small children or needy pets, find themselves struggling to keep their train of thought when they stop to take care of a problem or … Read more

Habits We Can’t Explain

Every morning I roll out of bed, wander into the living room, turn on the lights (I get up when it’s still dark), and scan the walls for spiders. Have I seen even one spider since we moved to Las Vegas last January? No. It’s a habit—long ingrained—because I don’t want any nasty surprises. Habits … Read more

When Your Life Depends on Healthy Eating

When my spouse spent two months in a hospital recovering from a stroke, he lost 35 pounds. He was on a special diet limiting sugar, fats, and portions and despite spending a lot of time in a bed, the weight rolled off. Problem: He didn’t think he was overweight, he didn’t look overweight, and yet … Read more

When Attitude is Everything

I’m going to use a few sports analogies here because I witnessed a college football game yesterday that made my point. The UCLA Bruins were down almost 30 points at halftime. They were outplayed, outmaneuvered, and stopped cold by a team that appeared to be superior. Their coach said they went into the locker room … Read more