Things That Go Bump in the Night

Years ago I wrote a book of ghost stories as a benefit for the San Juan Capistrano Historical Society. It was non-fiction, so to speak. I didn’t make up any of the stories, I just retold the ones I’d grown up with and had come across while researching my history books. These stories became the … Read more

Who Are the Real Action Heroes?

I saw a much-shared Facebook post recently lamenting the fact there aren’t more female action figures. The post went on to criticize Disney because most of their female figures were Princesses and not Superheroes. The premise, I guess, is that little girls need to be able to identify with brawn in order to accomplish great … Read more

Fall is in the Air

In California we do happy dances and share fist bumps when the weather forecast is for rain and it actually falls from the sky. Fog is nice, too, because it keeps wild fires away. To me, fall is when I peruse my cookbooks, check for new online recipes, and surprise my family with nice kitchen … Read more

The Blank Page

I’m a writer, but I’m also a homemaker, volunteer, and for a few weeks, a caregiver. Like you, I have meals to cook, laundry to fold, a vacuum cleaner that needs to be given a little exercise now and then. For the past two weeks I’ve added caregiving for a family member recovering from surgery … Read more

Romance in Films

I love a good romantic comedy, or better yet, a romantic tear-jerker. Some of my favorites are An Affair to Remember, When Harry Met Sally, and my all time favorite…drumroll…The Notebook. The first time I saw The Notebook, based on a book by Nicolas Sparks, I made it almost all the way to the end … Read more