Cookies for Breakfast

Blog posts are supposed to inform or entertain or inspire. Mine tend to be confessions. Here’s one. I had cookies for breakfast. They weren’t even homemade. They were thin broken Oreo type cookies that must have been put in the grocery bag first, with the half gallon of milk on top. Combing through the package, … Read more

Books in the Time of E-Publishing

We’re all readers and we all read multiple books a year. I read on my Kindle, but I also like to browse bookstores and when in Sonoma, I frequent the quarterly Friends of the Library book sales. There is a common thread I find in hardbacks, paperbacks, and e-books. Rarely do I find one that … Read more

Meaningful Mother’s Day

My niece, Meredith Krauss, posted her Mother’s Day activities on Facebook like so many others, but they’re worth sharing for two reasons. First, she turned the phrase “random acts of kindness” into action. Second, she had her two young sons with her. Her posts were called “the kindness challenge” and I don’t know if it … Read more

Overwhelmed in Atlanta

I finally met Rhett Butler. I walked into a bar and there he was looking suave and dangerous, the kind of man who should have swept Scarlett O’Hara off her feet from the moment they met. Instead she spent half the time chasing after that wimpy Ashley. Scarlett was there, too, looking demure—not at all … Read more