Cruising Down the River…

I don’t wear a coonskin cap or carry a musket, but I could imagine myself on a keel boat while cruising down the Illinois River this past week. Today boats carrying products to market aren’t narrow or made of wood. They’re covered barges pushed by powerful tugs…three across and five deep and cruisers in pleasure … Read more

Third Quarter Check Up

Tied to a dock in downtown Chicago, I realized it’s time for a third quarter check in. We’ve gone about 4,000 miles since beginning this trip in Mobile, Ala. six months ago. The waterway guides say we have 1,200 miles to go, traveling through the inland waterways of Middle America. It’s fall and we’ll be … Read more

Flaws Not Always Bad

In a romance novel (or any novel), the main character has flaws that need fixing. The character grows and changes and by the end of the book has overcome them. That’s fiction. In real life it isn’t so easy. The presence of flaws is essential to the believability of the character. They make the hero … Read more

So Many Books, So Little Time

Capt. Mark and I are readers. Always have been. Always will be. Having this mutual love of books is important when you’re away from friends and family for long periods of time. We have no meetings, no parties, no backyard barbecues, no events to attend…just long evenings in solitary places. We’ve been in this boat … Read more