The Summer of My Discontent

“Now is the winter of our discontent” may be the famous opening line of a Shakespeare play, but “now is the summer of my discontent” is me grousing about triple digit heat and the fact I have to hibernate. I am not a bear. I like bears, but I prefer to spend summers outside walking … Read more

Here’s to Caregivers

This is a shout out to my spouse. I used to belong to a service club, where every year you were expected to put cash in the donation jar commemorating your wedding anniversary. I dutifully put in one dollar for every good year and made a joke of it. “Here’s for all the good years … Read more

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

“I love you, but you’ve been with me for 30 years and I’m ready for some excitement, some color, a bright spot in my sedentary life. Off you go into the donate box so you can live in someone else’s cupboard.” This is me, doing my annual spring cleaning. I blogged about it last year … Read more

Does “I Tried” Count?

Last year I wrote down a few things “I’d like to do” during 2022. Good thing I said they weren’t New Year’s resolutions because they remain undone. I am happy to say I attempted most, accomplished none. But “good try” counts, right? I did not try writing humor. I managed to publish one full book, … Read more