Play Ball

My favorite season arrives at the end of March. Full of hoopla and hype, Major League Baseball takes over the sports channels, bringing crotch-scratching, spit-spewing, dirt-kicking behemoths right into our living rooms. And I love ‘em all. My team is the San Francisco Giants—winner of three World Series in five years. The last few years … Read more

Mad Hatter, Where Are You?

I love Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the zaniness, the hidden messages, the tripped-out quality that makes you wonder what happens next. The Mad Hatter’s tea party scene is one of my favorites, perhaps because of the characters (the ones drawn by Disney and the ones portrayed in film). I hosted a table at a Tea … Read more

Be My Friend

I don’t know if it’s authors, or if this happens to everyone, but every day I get a friend request on Facebook from a different unknown male. He lists no friends, has one or two pictures on his page, has no posts, and is always a widower. I promptly delete. Scammers really want to friend … Read more

Who Knew?

I’m stealing this from my friend Pam Sheble who must subscribe to a humor website because she’s always coming up with interesting-and mostly funny-emails. These bits of trivia all fall in the “who knew?” category and maybe the “who cares?” category. I certainly didn’t know most of them, but they’re kind of fun. 1. Money … Read more