On the Road Again

We bought a new car this week and it was quite an experience. First, all of our cars have been used. Some were only a few years from being new, but the only new car we ever bought in 36 years of marriage was the first year. We’d just returned from our very first ill-fated … Read more

Romancing History — Part II

In my upcoming release, Shadow of the Fox, I have a betrothal ceremony. In the church, on the first day banns are read, Sorina and Antoine are in front of the parishioners during Mass and the Antoine places three gold coins in Sorina’s hand. She drops them to the horror of everyone watching. Bad luck! … Read more

Romancing History

I was lucky. I grew up in San Juan Capistrano, a small town in California, at a time when everyone knew everyone else and it was safe for a curious little girl to walk alone downtown. My frequent destination was the old Spanish mission in the heart of town. The front entrance was a few … Read more

Loud in My Ears

I confess. I talk to myself. I don’t argue or whine or shout. Calm, carefully chosen words fill my mind and escape my lips when I’m pondering a problem or working through a speech. My kids notice and comment. “Are you talking to yourself, Mom?” “Am I?” “Yes.” “I do that.” Recently, at a conference … Read more