Nearing the End

Three bears were tied to a dock. The owner of the first bear said, “Panda Bear and I are doing the Loop.” The owner of the second bear said, “Elizabear and I are doing the Loop.” The owner of the third bear stood up and grinned. “I am proud to say Sea Bear are I … Read more

It Takes All Kinds…

Nine years ago when Mark and I did our first boating trip from Florida to the Chesapeake, we had never before owned a powerboat. That’s not to say we weren’t experienced boaters. We’d been sailing for years and knew about weather, tides, rules of the road, and where to get the best margaritas. We knew … Read more

Cruising With Pets

At anchor in a narrow creek off the Mississippi River one night, I noticed a ghostly light in the darkness. As it got closer, I realized it was someone in a dinghy, swinging a flashlight back and forth, looking for something on shore. A moonshiner looking for his still? A pirate looking for an x … Read more

Looking for a Good Spot to Tie Up

The Mississippi River is as famous as any body of water in North America. One would expect it to be a cruiser’s paradise with first-rate facilities and history around every corner. One would be wrong. After leaving Alton, Illinois where the Illinois, Mississippi, and Missouri rivers meet within a few miles, we were dismayed to … Read more