Waiting to be Discovered

I love writing…always have, always will. There’s a sense of accomplishment when you type the last word on a manuscript and send it off to your publisher. But there’s a part of being a novelist in today’s world that baffles me. Writers also have to be marketers. When there are eight million books on Amazon … Read more

What Not to Move to Las Vegas

Capt. Mark and I have hundreds of books. Some are packed in small boxes. Others are in bookshelves scattered throughout the house. Do I need to move forty cookbooks? Will I ever crack open those Russian language books from college? Will Mark need his cruising books on the Erie Canal now that our boat is … Read more

May We Live in Interesting Times

A science fiction writer recently wrote a blog post about why it was important to read (and write) books with happy endings, with good people winning over bad, and good behavior rewarded. His theory was that in fewer years than we imagine, we could be overrun by robots and without humanizing them (by reading them … Read more

When Life Gets In the Way

Most of us are orderly creatures. We like our coffee or tea in the morning. We have our favorite television programs. We organize our days, either on paper or in our heads, and we try to anticipate disruptions. Then life happens. I’m one of those people who likes to get up early, have coffee and … Read more