A Few Words about Literary Snobbery

A new bookstore opened in Los Angeles recently. It’s gutsy to open an independent bookstore anywhere these days, but this one is particularly noteworthy. It’s called The Ripped Bodice and it sells only romance novels. The women who opened the store are Bea and Leah Koch, sisters who grew up in Chicago. Bea went to … Read more

California Dreamin’

Driving the stretch of Pacific Coast Highway between San Clemente and San Diego last week brought back a lot of memories. It was a warm, breezy day. People were out enjoying the beaches and parks connected by old towns, which—despite growth—have been able to retain their charm. Snatches of Surfin’ Safari made famous by the … Read more

No Whining About Wine

I’m a wino, not to be confused with whino, which also fits from time to time. I’m not a wine sipper, meaning I don’t often choose wine as a cocktail, but I love wine with food. Does it enhance food? I’d have to be a chemist to know which properties in wine interact with foods … Read more

Mushy Enchiladas and Other Tales of Woe

I love to cook. I also love to eat. Lately, what I cook isn’t always edible. We spent last night on the boat and I made cheese enchiladas, using my grandmother’s recipe. It’s pretty much fail safe. Her enchiladas were tangy, had texture, and when served, you could distinguish each filled tortilla under its blanket … Read more