With a Little Bit of Luck…

An old cartoon my dad used to like featured a character with a dark cloud always hovering above his head. I guess if I were that character, I’d have a rainbow over mine. We’ve had a few lucky happenings. The first, I mentioned last time, was the actual recovery of an expensive inflatable boat fender … Read more

On the Road Again

You pick your weather carefully when you cross Lake Ontario into Canada. Winds are usually out of the west and the fetch is 193 miles. For those who are not boaters, fetch is the distance a swell can travel across a body of water. If it’s windy, the swells can be high. Five boats left … Read more

Back to the Boat

Our quick trip home is coming to an end and I discovered a few things. I’m healthy, my teeth are still good, and my friends still remember me. The house is still standing, but the pear tree in the front yard is dying and will have to go. We lost a pine earlier this year. … Read more