When Your Fingers Do Your Talking

I love the title of a popular grammar book, Eats, Shoots, and Leaves. It’s a book about the importance of punctuation. If you take the commas out, the words have an entirely different meaning. In the era of texting we have the same dilemma. Without a voice giving importance to certain words, the meaning can … Read more

Catatonic in Southern California

I’ve been blogging about serious stuff lately, so now let’s have some fun. It’s election season and I will not talk about elected officials. Instead I want to talk about the “good old days” when I first went to work for a small city in Southern California, a city that shall remain nameless. I was … Read more

Curing Imposter Syndrome

Last week I talked about imposter syndrome, the feeling some of us get when we’re successful, but don’t really think we deserve it. I also said there’s a cure, but it isn’t an easy one. Dr. Valerie Young, addressing three thousand writers at the Romance Writers of America convention in July, told us to first, … Read more

Imposter Syndrome is Alive and Well

Today I’m talking about “imposter syndrome.” It might be a tad dry and you probably won’t like it so you can delete this post right now. That, my friends, is “imposter syndrome.” Imposter syndrome is when you make excuses in your head in advance why something isn’t good enough, why you aren’t good enough, why … Read more