Ready For The Home

We all make dumb mistakes. It’s understandable. We’re scheduled to the max. Our brains are on overload. Life pulls us in too many directions. One of my mother’s favorite phrases when she screwed up was “time to make a reservation for me at the old folks’ home.” I’ve had one of those weeks. Preparing to … Read more

Happy Birthday to the Bard

Today is Shakespeare’s birthday and the internet is full of his phrases and terms that have become part of our cultural speech. “Vanished into thin air.” “It’s Greek to me.” “Danced attendance on.” “Budged an inch.” “Dead as a doornail.” I was never fond of the bard. In school one had to study hard to … Read more

Keeping the Faith

I’m feeling a little mystical this morning, pondering fate and the existence of that fickle finger that leads you into new directions. Perhaps the bottle of old vine zinfandel I had with my dinner last night had something to do with it. Or maybe it was the scorpion I saw climbing the wall next to … Read more

You Have Permission to Rest

I saw a meme on Facebook that made me think. It was from Sun Gazing and said: You have permission to rest; you don’t have to fix everything; you do not have to make everyone happy. Take care of yourself. Fine words, but it’s hard to change if you’re one of those people. I confess … Read more

Bookmarks and Other Swag

I’m sitting in my favorite chair (the one that kills my back when I get up), thinking about what I should write about today. Capt. Mark is busy at his computer, happily designing bookmarks for me to take to a convention in May. I am not being productive. He is. I’m not sure why bookmarks … Read more