Old Dog, New Tricks

Publishing two novels while living on a moving boat has a downside. You can’t meet and greet readers when you’re fighting chop in the Chesapeake or tied to a lock wall in Canada. “But your books are eBooks,” you say, “So what about an Internet book launch?” My first book, “A Kiss of Cabernet” had … Read more

Rain, Rain Go Away…

I don’t mean it. I live in California. We need the rain. Hillsides are green, the roses will be as big as cabbages this year, and swimming pools won’t have to be topped off until summer. But l prefer it in small doses, not day after day in an El Nino pattern. Eighteen months ago, … Read more

A Big Oops

Time got away from me this week. It ran and hid and giggled in the bushes while I stumbled through Sunday, giving no thought at all to what I usually do…write my blog. The day started out well. I went to church (I’m feeling quite pious these days). I watched two football games. Shopped locally. … Read more

Football junkies unite!

I confess I love football. The college teams play like there’s no tomorrow and the pros generally give you your money’s worth. At what those dudes get paid, they should. The game is physical and bursting with testosterone. The grunts and slaps and leaps into the air to grab that ovoid coming straight at you, … Read more