Rain, rain go away…

A lot of people love rain. They love loud thunderstorms with slashes of lightning. They like to watch raindrops sliding down a windowpane. They like to hear it on the roof while snuggled under a comforter.

Me…not so much.

I find rain depressing. I could never live in the Pacific Northwest and wisely chose the desert community of Las Vegas for a winter land base.

There’s unmitigated sprawl, hundreds of food and retail chains, and weekend tourist clog. There’s also sunshine, warmth, and hidden parks and hiking trails away from the glitter.

I didn’t think I’d like the desert. But looking at the forecast for my old wine country home in Northern California I realize how depressed I would have been if I’d stayed. Rain, rain, and more rain. I would have been climbing the walls.

During years of drought I overlooked the occasional downpours. They were needed. Everyone rejoiced. Now the drought is officially over in my part of California and it continues to rain. But I’m in the Nevada desert now with the fan blasting cool air. It will be 85 today. Might need the air conditioner.

Toward sunset we’ll head to a park and follow a trail into an undeveloped part of the desert where we can watch the sun dip below the mountains. It’s flat. No huffing. I can make it to the end and get my mile and a half of walking in today.

I know rain is a necessity and I can deal with it in small increments, even if they’re often. But a continually gray sky is not my cup of tea. A lot of people live with snow and have adapted, although I know several who have moved to warmer areas to escape the cold.

Sunshine seems to be key to my sense of well-being so I am enjoying it while living on land and when we head back to the boat at the end of May, I know summer will be just around the corner.

How about you? Do you enjoy rain or are you sun-worshipper, like me?

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