Old Dog, New Tricks

Publishing two novels while living on a moving boat has a downside. You can’t meet and greet readers when you’re fighting chop in the Chesapeake or tied to a lock wall in Canada.

“But your books are eBooks,” you say, “So what about an Internet book launch?”

My first book, “A Kiss of Cabernet” had a Facebook launch. It was billed as a launch party and was put on by my publisher. I was thrilled to have a half hour to introduce myself, ask questions and comment on readers’ answers. Three other experienced authors, all tucked up nicely in their home offices, also launched at the same party.

I had a weak Wi-Fi connection, couldn’t connect, threw a hissy fit, and missed my introduction. When I finally joined, it was too late. The party “host” covered for me, but it was a disaster. I also taught me a lesson: learn everything you can about Facebook parties before you agree to be part of one.

My second book, “A Touch of Chardonnay” came out in July. I was home. I had great Internet. Unfortunately there was no party.

Most e-book authors host their own parties. They invite all their Facebook friends and several other authors (who have larger numbers of Facebook friends) and they launch. I might do that in the future. I have experience now, having hosted the Bliss Fans Facebook Page for an entire day. I also participated in a Bliss author’s party in December where I had 15 minutes and everything went without a hitch.

I’d done my homework. I was on land. Internet was great.

I truly believe personal interaction is the key to a successful book launch and I’m now doing what I couldn’t do while cruising. I’m going to Book Clubs to talk about the process, and I’m signing print copies at land-based events with other authors. In April I’ll attend a huge convention for romance readers and in July, another huge convention for romance writers.

I tweet and post on Facebook and I occasionally promote my books on other sites. I’m interacting with bloggers and reviewers. I’m learning to be an author in the Internet age.

Old dogs can learn new tricks.




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