Not a Resolution in Sight

No resolutions this year. Instead, I looked back at the old year to see what I learned.

1. It’s not all about me. This was the year of challenges for other members of my family and I needed to focus all my attention on them. Their progress was my reward.

2. I can lift heavier loads. Literally. I’ve developed muscles I never knew I had. In the figurative sense, I’ve learned I can take on a lot more and get it done.

3. There’s such a thing as transcendent love. This isn’t the kind of love I write about in my novels. It’s the kind that the marriage vows talk about…for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live. That kind. The good news is…it exists and you feel it with every breath you take when your soulmate is down.

4. Success doesn’t come overnight. New authors think they are going to sell thousands of books right out of the chute. Most don’t. It takes time and perseverance. Be happy with incremental progress, and write more books…better ones. Success will come.

5. Facing reality is hard. When unexpected incidents change everything in your life, it’s hard to adapt to the new reality. When my husband had a debilitating stroke, our life became visits to doctors, hospitals, therapists instead of cruising the San Juan Islands in our Nordic Tug. We became homebodies, working on his recovery. While we occasionally venture out now, it’s not the same, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad—just different.

6. It’s okay to be disappointed. It’s not okay to brood about it. With so many life changes, it was easy to fall into a personal pity party. When the epiphany came—we are still the same people, we can still do things together—it was liberating.

7. Time is passing, make every moment count. You and I both know this is true. When we’re busy, we can get caught up in routine and forget. Don’t. It’s important to find a few things that bring you special joy and to do them.

Happy New Year everyone.

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