Missing a Pet

I can never remember a time without a pet. At one time we had eight cats—not legal in Sonoma, CA unless you live out on a ranch or vineyard property. Fortunately, we lived on five acres with a portion planted in zinfandel grapes.

Yup, we made wine. Not great wine. Drinkable-now wine. With food. Lots of food.

The cats loved the place, bringing us trophies each day. I was afraid some regulatory agency would cite us for depleting the local rodent population.

My favorite memory was the time Oscar, the youngest cat, chased deer out of the yard. He also chased rabbits, wild turkeys, and two stray dogs. Fierce? Only in his mind. He’d puff up to twice his size, put his head down, and charge. He probably looked at the lion screensaver on Apple’s Lion Operating System and thought it was a mirror. Otherwise he was the proverbial “scaredy cat.” Go figure.

The guy who ruled the roost was an old cat named Bubba. He was sleek and tough and a good hunter. He taught the younger cats how to fight through rough play. He outlived all of the rest, finally succumbing at the ripe old age of twenty-one.

While we’ve only had cats, my son has a big, affectionate Labrador named Jax, so I officially have a gran-dog to pet. My daughter has two loveable cats—Romeo and Juniper—but also a fish that makes faces at me and actually has a personality.

While cruising in our Nordic Tug we met many dogs. Great boating companions, dogs keep you healthy and active because most have to be taken ashore a couple times a day for walking and other needs. We also met a few cats, but it’s not safe to take cats cruising. They like to wander and if they get off the boat, they definitely don’t come when you call them.

While it’s not a good time for us to have a pet, I really enjoy seeing posts on Facebook and Twitter of friends’ pets and their antics. It brings back memories of all the cuddly cats and playful dogs I’ve had throughout my life.

I miss having my own pet. They’re funny and cuddly and have proven health benefits, like lowering blood pressure.

Keep posting those pet pictures. I’ll pretend I can reach right through the screen and touch them.

What are your pets up to these days?

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