Looking for Nooks and Crannies

We moved back onto the boat Saturday, hauling boxes of books, clothes, extra cookware, my son’s birthday present, and little boxes with spare parts for the boat. Fortunately there’s a place for everything…NOT.
I lifted up the hollow step to put away a bottle of wine, but there’s a box of tools in there. “Mark? This is where the wine lives.” His response: “I need to keep my marlinspike tools there.”
Fortunately the boxes under the settee have extra room, so that’s where glass consumables can ride safely when water is tossing the boat around. So in they go.
For now, all my clothes fit in the drawers assigned to me. Mark has too many. He gets an extra box in the forepeak in a space under the bed. Aren’t women supposed to have all the extra clothes?
The food cupboards are holding what they’re supposed to have, and my one tiny shelf houses two draft-manuscripts and a few magazines with treasured writing articles. My laptop and tablet will probably stay out in a padded case, reminding me I’m supposed USE them.
Dishes and other kitchenware have remained on the boat, along with placemats, cloth napkins, and new battery operated candles. Must preserve the illusion of a civilized dining environment, even if there’s a life preserver occupying the seat next to you.
This is G-week. (G is for Go—no snickers from you readers of romance novels). The weather looks good. The only thing that will hold us back now will be the captain, discovering something else he has to have on board that has to be ordered.
Hopefully, it won’t be a new first mate.

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  1. Good for you! You’ve got this under control! I can hear your voice and wonderful laugh in every installment. Happy cruising!


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