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I like a challenge. I wouldn’t be on this trip if I didn’t. But cooking a variety of interesting meals with two burners and a microwave defeats me.

Checking my grocery lists, I tend to buy the same things over and over. I’m sure I do that at home, too. But at home I can dig out a cookbook or go on line and find something that sounds yummy and if I don’t have an ingredient, I can run to the store and get it.

Not so on a boat. Everything is planned in advance and just about everything is consumed. If there are leftover veggies, they go in a frittata or salad. If there’s leftover mac and cheese, it becomes a side dish for the next meal.

My ten weeks of menus are like the movie Groundhog Day. Hamburger, chicken, pork chops, pasta dish, ham steak, mac and cheese, soup. Repeat. Occasionally we’ll barbecue a steak. On the summer trip in Canada, we barbecued a lot. But it’s not allowed in a marina and we’ve had many marina stays this time.

So here’s my shameless request to all you gourmet cooks out there. Send me a recipe to If it’s stove top, it can’t cook more than 20 minutes (can’t use up the propane). If it’s cooked in a microwave, it can be a bit longer because I’m usually hooked up to shore power when I use the microwave. Remember, I have a teeny tiny refrigerator so I can’t use an ingredient that only comes in a large quantity. Ditto on the cupboard space.

Yes, I do get to eat out. More so on this trip, than my others. I suspect the Captain is getting bored with the meals, too.

Hmm. Maybe keeping the boring menu isn’t a bad idea, after all.

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