Does “I Tried” Count?

Last year I wrote down a few things “I’d like to do” during 2022. Good thing I said they weren’t New Year’s resolutions because they remain undone. I am happy to say I attempted most, accomplished none. But “good try” counts, right?

I did not try writing humor. I managed to publish one full book, one novella, and I actually completed another novella that will be out at the end of this year. But humor? Nope.

First person writing? If you count these occasional blogs, then I guess I did. Book in first person point of view? Nope.

Plotting a book. Ha! Almost. I have two works in progress and as they are unpublished and unspoken-for, I entered their first few chapters in a contest. The contest required a synopsis: hence, a plot. I’ll count that as a partial win.

Limit chocolate? Never should that be on a list. My children know I love chocolate so I get lots for special occasions. But I get help eating it from my husband. Off the list.

More marketing books: I will not read any more books on marketing because I did learn a few things—-from friends. So there.

Clear junk from desk. I did. Really. Then the holidays came and it is again covered. I do my work on a laptop while sitting on a couch. Cat sleeps nearby. It works.

Quit making lists. Husband’s suggestion. But If I did that, I wouldn’t accomplish much. Even when I accomplish nothing, I think a good list helps to keep me on track.

Do I have a new list for 2023? I do not. But I will have goals and when I do I will share them with you.

Are you a list maker? Do you set goals for yourself?

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3 thoughts on “Does “I Tried” Count?”

  1. Hi Pam.

    I could not get through the day, much less the year without lists. They are near and dear to me heart (my have to do with my senior memory). And yes, I do set goals and check them monthly.

    Happy New Year to you and Mark.

  2. My lists usual center around a holiday meal. I list the menu, then make a list of groceries I will need to buy, and finally I make a list of when to start baking or cooking the items I plan on serving. I save these lists in a holiday cookbook and can compare meals. I also like to store copies of recipes with the lists.


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