Confessions of a Halloween House Hunter

Most people stock up on candy, carve pumpkins, and put up a few fake spider webs as Halloween approaches.

Not me.

I’m out house hunting with a spouse whose main priority (I just discovered) is far different from mine.

My list is pretty normal: open kitchen, lots of cupboard space, separate shower and soaking tub, large bedroom closet, room for an office, established landscaping. Those are all my nice-to-haves, but I’m flexible.

Capt. Mark has one priority: view facing west from the back yard. He likes sunsets.

I want to be in the middle of a neighborhood which means we find a terraced development with a view over a rooftop to hills beyond. He wants to be on the edge of an elevated undeveloped area with no obstructions.

Him: Why don’t you like open areas beyond the back yard?

Me: This is the desert. I don’t want critters climbing up to our backyard and saying, “Hey, this is nice.” I want them to crawl through several other backyards before they make it to ours. Maybe they won’t get that far.

Him: What are talking about?

Me: Tarantulas, scorpions, snakes…the usual. Can you see me outside with a shovel trying to dispatch something? Or better yet, can you see yourself walking out with your cane, trying to balance, while you deal with a critter? (He walks just fine, but since his stroke, needs the cane for balance).

Him: You’re being silly.

Me: I’m also being stubborn.

Him: (Sigh) I guess finding a house is going to take longer than I thought.

Me: (Nodding) Yup…finding your view in my neighborhood.

Him: I’ll call a realtor.

Me: I guess I’ll get out the candy, carve a pumpkin, and put up a few fake spider webs. While I’m at it I’ll buy a few Christmas decorations. We may be apartment dwellers for a long time.

Happy Halloween and may you and your significant other’s priorities always mesh.

3 thoughts on “Confessions of a Halloween House Hunter”

  1. I wanted a motorhome 2c America, Canada and maybe even parts of Mexico. Brian had the nerve to close escrow at my retirement party. I now have to pry him from the “garden home”. Gud luk Pam…..
    PS: a large dog might keep the critters away.


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