Screams in the Night

Screams that sound like tormented souls from the depths of hell pierce the silence of my house around three a.m. every morning. The high-pitched screeches fill the brain with sounds from bloody horror films and descriptions of banshees. In my bed I wonder if the neighbors can hear and what they must be thinking, especially … Read more

Word Ghosts from the Past

Have you ever uttered a phrase that you know came from your past, but you’re not sure where or why? “Pet the cat nicely.” I’m petting the cat, but why would I say that to myself? Did I say that to my children when they were little, or did someone say it to me when … Read more

My Kingdom for an Easy-Opening Container

This is a rant about packaging, you know, the easy-opening aspirin bottle—just line up the arrows and press down, or the twist off cap that needs a thin knife to get under the plastic that encloses the lid. I understand the need for Fort Knox wrappings. Yes, there were nasty, evil people who used to … Read more

Spring “Sob” Cleaning

I’m a pack rat. I have plastic containers full of items—some tiny, some even broken—that I keep for nostalgic reasons. But spring is here and that means I really need to do some cleaning. I have clothes in my closet I haven’t been able to fit into for decades, but there they are, taking up … Read more

New Year’s List Anyone?

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, except in my mind. If they stay there, nobody needs to know if I accomplish them or not. I do make a New Year’s list. It’s shorter, broader, and serves as a reminder, more than an action plan. So here it is: 1. Try writing humor. Just once. No … Read more