My Favorite Valentine Story

I can’t believe I haven’t written about this. The year was 2007 and we were on our way to Daytona Beach, cruising in our Grand Banks 36 trawler, a great little two-person power boat for long hauls. We’d started the trip earlier that month in Stuart, Florida, and planned to be out about seven months … Read more

Life’s Little Mysteries

We all have secrets. Most of us have small ones that we keep because they’re not ours to share or they might hurt someone we care about. Sometimes their importance is blown up in our minds or we’re so used to them we can’t let them go, even though keeping them is no longer important. … Read more

Tales from the Checkout Counter

Be honest. Do you like the automated grocery store checkout counters? I’m talking about the ones that are do it yourself and are supposed to save time. I’ve used them on occasion and I thought they were okay if you have a carton of ice cream and your only other option is a line with … Read more

Not Dead Yet

Living in my first over-55 community has been interesting. But then, this is Vegas baby. You never know what to expect here. My mailbox periodically gets stuffed with flyers offering funeral services, estate planning dinners, reverse mortgage opportunities, and free credits for gambling—perhaps not in that order. As my philosopher mother used to say, “When … Read more