At a Loss For Words

I’m not usually at a loss for words. I’ve been known to knock out a speech on the way to the event, write a newspaper article a half hour before deadline, and do my weekly blog post a few minutes after I realize it’s Monday and I haven’t done it yet.

It isn’t that I don’t have anything to report. I’m in Las Vegas at the oldest, largest convention for readers and writers of romance books. I should have plenty to say. But it doesn’t start until Wednesday when the convention center turns into (I’ll just say it) party central.

I am not a party animal. I tend to be quiet and introverted at these types of gatherings. I hide out in my room at night, ordering room service and getting caught up on my reading. Even in Las Vegas with a casino six floors below and a couple of really interesting restaurants, I’m happy to munch on a chicken salad and tepid tea.

But not this year.

The first party is one hosted by authors of historical romance and (sigh) Godiva Chocolates. You don’t have to guess where I’ll be hanging out.  Later that same night is one called Vintage Vegas where you get fake money and gaming professionals teach you how to shoot craps and play blackjack and whatever else is out there in gambling land. To make it “vintage,” Elvis will be on stage backed up by bare-chested Chippendale-type male dancers.  Might be worth an hour or two. (It’s called research).

The next night features a party called “A Race Through the Shadows.” Sounds scary except there are male cover models to protect you and a chocolate fountain at the end. And just to make sure you get lots of “research” done on romantic heroes, the next party is A Night with the Bad Boys. I think I’ll leave out that description. Friday’s party is Cirque du Punk and lasts most of the night. That one suggests you wear a costume. Alas, I didn’t bring one.

In case you think I’m only going to parties, during the day I’ll be attending the usual craft workshops, checking out the vendor booths, visiting with fellow authors, and hopefully meeting new readers.

This is work after all.

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