And The Beat Goes On

I recently had a minor outpatient surgical procedure which I won’t go into (okay…it was a colonoscopy and we ALL should get one every seven years). Enough said.

While half-naked on the gurney, waiting for the anesthesiologist to arrive, two nurses propped me with pillows, and chattered away. One asked me what I did for a living. When I mentioned I now write romance novels, both nurses said they love contemporary romance, did I use a pseudonym, are my books available on line.

Heck of a way to get new readers, but I’ll take it.

A full weekend that starts with a three-hour hospital stay and continues on the same day with a writers’ retreat needs good planning and I confess I did not do a good job.

At home, after a short nap, I remembered I hadn’t packed a suitcase for my next activity, a weekend workshop at a resort in a remote mountain area about an hour away. When I was ready to go, Capt. Mark and his brother, Keith, drove me to the resort, waited while I checked in and got settled, and promised to pick me up on Sunday. They went home to Taco Bell because I’d forgotten to defrost the meat they were to have for dinner before I left.

By now I’m starving, not having eaten in two days (I don’t count chicken broth, lemon Jello, and lime popsicles a meal). I found a couple of my cohorts and we made our way to the restaurant. Their well-advertised Siracha Hamburger sounded wonderful. My stomach did a happy dance in anticipation. We were met with a big sign taped to the door. CLOSED UNTIL TOMORROW. What?

I’m here to tell you a person can survive on a handful of snack-sized KitKats, Reese’s peanut butter trail mix, and a small bag of classic potato chips washed down with a six-pack of bottled water.

Could anything else go wrong? Never tempt fate with ill-chosen words.

When I unpacked I made another interesting booboo. I’d forgotten something important-my underwear. Hand-washing clothes might be part of the 19th century, but it still works. Note: There’s a reason you’re told not to make any decisions for 24-hours after a procedure requiring anesthesia. Now I know.

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