A “Moving” Experience

Moving is always an adventure. Not quite fun, but always full of surprises.

Our latest move to a one-bedroom apartment was a breeze. Because of downsizing and boat living, all we needed was a small rental truck to make the almost 700 mile-trip. We took two days so we could poke along behind big rigs and arrived at our destination refreshed and ready to unload.

We had family to help carrying boxes up 20 steps to the front door and only a desk, bookcase and a few tables by way of furniture. A new bed and two comfortable chairs were purchased on a previous trip and would arrive the next day.

Then I unpacked.

Hmm. Did I not put in a cutting board? Oops. Where is the iced tea container? Did I forget to pack the garlic press? No, I only have one and it’s on the boat. When I realized I hadn’t packed a can opener it was time to visit the local Target. Three trips later I had everything I needed. Or so I thought.

On Sunday I made pancakes in a frying pan on an electric burner. I haven’t had an electric stove in years. Even the boat has propane. Needless to say, the pancakes were a disaster. They were edible, but not round and plump. They looked like little piles of cooked dough. Yup. They stuck to the bottom of the pan and curled into odd shapes as I pried them off the bottom. We doused them with syrup and ate them anyway.

Later in the afternoon I realized it was Super Bowl Sunday. For some this is not a big deal. For me it’s not just the game, but the commercials. It’s also a day for uninhibited, unapologetic snacking.

I checked the cupboards. Crackers. I checked the refrigerator. Root beer and Dr. Pepper. I checked the living room. No television.

Watching the Super Bowl on your phone is not quite the same as watching it on a big screen. The phone screen shows a grid. A moving line tells you what yard line the team with the ball is on. No commercials. No half time show. The best commercials might be on YouTube later.

I’ll have to wait.

I sat in my reading chair and put a bowl of Hershey’s kisses next to me. Can’t go wrong with books and chocolate, right?

And wine. I did remember to pack the wine opener.

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