Longing for an Ice Cream Truck

As we get older, we begin to miss the simplicity of a time when our focus was on getting out of a chore, or choosing what to wear to school, or wondering how we would make it through chemistry or French. The complexities of the world were not thrown in our faces every day unless … Read more

My Brain Was Asleep And Other Excuses

Writers have to market and marketing isn’t easy in the digital age when your books are among eight million available for sale at any one time. Sometimes you do impetuous things that seem like a good idea at the time, and afterward you wonder where your brain was. I am guilty of this. For Scandal’s … Read more

Fighting the Urge to be a Mole

As the thermometer climbs over one hundred degrees, the urge grows strong to find a deep, dark hole where it’s cooler. Knowing we’ll probably have many 110 plus days this year, I’m already contemplating a summer with curtains drawn, air-conditioner blasting, and minimal clothes. This means poking my nose into the fresh air when the … Read more

The Dubious Gourmand

Okay. I love to eat. Never had a problem with any kind of food. I even tried chocolate-covered ants once. They were okay, but I knew what they were so that experiment ended quickly. In the purest definition, I am a gourmand. I am a person who enjoys good food. I’ve been lucky all my … Read more

We Live in a Noisy World

For years I’ve known I was losing my hearing. I even blogged about it a couple of years ago. Did I do anything about it? No. I ignored it, laughed about it, even denied it. I could still hear, I just had to crank up the volume. Capt. Mark didn’t bug me about it. He … Read more